“Working with Kimberly was an absolute joy. We felt so comfortable in her home, and looked forward to class each week. We took all sorts of classes preparing for our first birth, but by far the most valuable time spent was with Kim. We went into our birth feeling confident and peaceful, while also understanding the realities of birth and possibilities for intervention. Going into the birth prepared made us feel as though we were in control of the delivery, and not the other way around. We also felt equipped to have tough conversations with doctors and nurses that might not understand our desires (but everyone did!). In the end, our beautiful boy, Henry, was born 100% naturally, and we fully believe that the training and preparation that we received from Kim contributed to our ability to bring him into the world this way. Whether you are considering a 100% natural birth or not, we would highly recommend spending time with Kim to gain an understanding of all the possibilities of the birth process. If your goal is a natural birth, then the Bradley Method is the way to go, and there’s no one better than Kim to show you the way!”

-Tyler L.  dad of Henry

“We took Kim’s class during my first pregnancy. Never having given birth, I was very nervous… Kim was absolutely wonderful at always making me feel comfortable asking any question I had, no matter how crazy they might be! She made me feel confident in my ability to not only have a natural childbirth, but to be a good Mother. She is extremely knowledgeable in natural birth and teaches it in a way that is fun! Who knew a birthing class could be more that just informational?! I had a successful natural birth and have Kim and the Bradley method to thank.”

-Kristen S.  mom of Jane

“We took Kimberly’s class a few months before the birth of our first child. I’ll be honest, I was mostly taking the class because my mom wanted me to. But I’m so glad we did! It really helped me and my husband know and understand what was coming. We knew how to read the signs and how to best handle the rigors of natural childbirth. Without Kimberly’s help and tips, I definitely think the birth of our son would have been a totally different experience. We will definitely recommend to all our “new parent” friends!”

-Katie W.  mom of James

“Taking the Bradley Method course with Kimberly was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy.
Being our first pregnancy, we were coming into the experience knowing very little. After researching classes and deciding that a natural birth at a birth center was right for us, we chose to use the Bradley Method to help us through labor and delivery.
My husband said he was completely confident going through all the steps that we learned about in the classes. He tells all of our friends how helpful Kimberly’s lessons were for our family.
With Kimberly’s success through her own pregnancies as well as our beautiful birth, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She is amazing!”

-Katy T.  mom of Frankie

“My wife and I took the Bradley training course with Kim and couldn’t recommend it highly- enough.  While the Bradley training provided information on a natural, holistic approach to childbirth, Kim’s instruction turned out to be the most valuable asset.  Kim was very good at making us feel informed, confident and ready when the big moment arrived.  Her knowledge and teaching techniques made everything clear and easy to remember.  She was also very adept at making the content interesting and fun.  If you’re looking for a birthing instructor to prepare you for your child’s birth, Kim is the best!”

-Gregg S.  dad of Jane

“We learned so much during Kim’s birth class that we wouldn’t have learned in a hospital class. If she didn’t have the answers to your questions she reached out to her contacts and found a well informed answer for you. She’s a wealth of knowledge and we are so glad we took her class!”

-Sarah O.  mom of Nora